Thursday, May 31, 2012

Super Scrimpers Top 10!

I have never been one for daytime television, mostly because all that is ever on is an antique auction show or a very similiar variation on that theme! Over the past week I have loved watching SuperScrimpers: Waste Not Want Not. At first I thought it was going to be a show about useless tips which you may not ever be able to put into action but I was highly mistaken. Below I have listed my 10 favourite tips from the show and their website, I am yet to try them all but I am working my way through the list!

1. Lime Ice Cubes
Instead of using just one slice of lime and then having to throw the rest away because it's become dried up, Cut the rest of the lime into cubes and freeze. Next time you'd like some lime in your drink, pop a frozen cube in and it not only adds flavour but acts as an ice cube too!
2. Left Over Wine
Similarly to the lime cubes, if you have any left over wine in the bottom of a bottle simply freeze in an ice cube tray and add them to your next meal or gravy. I would recommend adding it to a bolognese!

3. Left Over Milk
If you ever have any milk you are going to chuck out because it's out of date and off. Instead of pouring it down the drain, mix it with some water and use it to feed your plants.

4. Cheap Pot Scourers
All you need is the netted fruit bags which they package oranges and lemons in. Rather than throwing them away simply use them as a pot scourer.

5. Speedy Jacket Potato
After preheating your oven, simply put a metal skewer through the middle of the potato (lengthways), pop it in the oven and it will take half the time to cook!

6. Thick Lashes With Cheap Mascara
Firstly put a coat on of your mascara, then put some talcum powder on your hand and with your finger coat your lashes in the powder. Then put on a second layer of mascara and you will have instantly thicker lashes.

7. Descale The Shower Head
All you need to do is unscrew your shower head, let it soak in vinegar over night. In the morning rinse, re-attach and you have a lovely new shiny shower head.

8. Silver Cleaner
Rather than spending money on expensive silver cleaners and polishes, use a banana skin instead, it works just as well and is a much cheaper way to clean your silver.

9. Bird Scarer
Rather than throwing away the rubbish cd's or dvd's you get inside a paper, thread them onto some string and hang them in your garden. It's a cheap and easy way to hopefully ward off the birds from your garden.

10. Use Up The Space To Save Energy
Always make sure your freezer is full up, if it's not simply fill it with newspaper.
As well as your freezer, when using your oven to save energy always make sure the oven is full. Either batch cook meals in advance, freeze and then heat in the microwave, this will save you having to heat up the oven twice. Or if you don't want to batch cook, simply fill the empty space with roasting dishes/baking sheets/cake tins.

On sunday I am looking forward to watching the Jubilee special, SuperScrimpers Hot Summer Tips on Channel 4 at 8pm.


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