Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Britain's Got Talent

Since the start of this years Britain's Got Talent for some reason I wasn't that into it! I suppose with all the excitement of The Voice it was just ignored but just in case I had set the Sky+ series link to record BGT. Until this bank holiday weekend I hadn't watched any of them. Over the last few days however I have managed to catch up on the whole series, with the helpful use of the fast forward button so that I could skip through to just watch the acts. I'm now completely converted back from The Voice to BGT! The Voice was great whilst they had their backs to them and those spinning chairs but ever since the chairs stopped spinning my interest for the show has severely dropped! So tonight's the third night of the live semi-finals and I have completely fell in love with the Lovable Rogues, as from the name of their group...you can't help but love them and I hope they win! Next came the Twist and Pulse dance company who were fantastic! I suppose I wouldn't mind them winning either. I watched who wants to be a millionaire the other night with Twist and Pulse AKA Glen and Ashley.I think it's fair to say they're not the brightest sparks but they can dance, and they've also proved this week they can teach too!


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