Sunday, May 13, 2012


This week i've watched quite a few movies from my collection.

Starting off with the Urban Legends boxset...

Urban Legend:
This one is my favourite of the three but I suppose the first ones usually are the best. It's based at a university where there are killing's all based on Urban Legends. It has a brilliant start to it, it puts you on edge from the offset. I'd definitely recommend this one.

P.S Always check the back seat!

Urban Legends 2 - Final Cut:
The second movie in this trilogy is also quite a good one, not quite as good as the first one but still worth watching. It's based at a different university but Reese the security guard is in both movies, she plays a good part and is pretty funny considering all of the murders going on around her.

Urban Legends - Bloody Mary:
This is one movie I doubt I will be watching again. It's mainly set around the Urban Legend "Bloody Mary" and granted her face is pretty scary but the acting in the movie didn't make me feel as though it was real like the others did.  It didn't seem to grip me much, I actually fell asleep after about 40 minutes and still haven't bothered watching the ending.

Some films which go onto become trilogies or even more do a really good job but in the case of this one I think they should have stopped whilst they were ahead adn stopped production after the second.

If anyone thinks different about this and thinks the ending is any good and worth watching then i'd be happy to give it another chance.

Paranormal Activity 3:

Now this is what you call a trilogy, all three are good and well worth watching. I actually think as you go through the trilogy they actually get better everytime. This one is showing you how all of the paranormal activity began tormenting sisters Katie and Kristie when they are just young girls. The whole way through the film it keeps you on edge not knowing whats going to happen next. It's a scary film and if there was the possibility of a number 4 i'm sure it wouldn't fail to scare you!

I purchased mine from Asda,
Paranormal Activity 1: £4
Paranormal Activity 2: £4
Paranormal Activity 3: £12.97


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