Sunday, May 27, 2012

Burn Baby Burn!

Good evening,
This is my first blog which is about something a bit different, lets just hope somebody out there finds it interesting! After being out in the garden for the last couple of days with this sunny weather I thought I'd let you know about a recent purchase my dad made but we've only just used.

 A couple of years ago we bought a Chimenea for the garden, It has lasted well (gone a little rusty) but we will still use it. This year however we wanted to buy a fire pit, which is more sociable and you are about to sit around it. So we bought La Hacienda Firepit from John Lewis for £149.

After using it for the first time last night, we were extremely pleased with the product, all sitting around it after the sun had gone down, it's a great centre piece and almost made you feel like you were in the forest sitting around a camp fire! It does kick up some big flames at times so make sure you're not sitting too close! After the flames had stopped and whilst the embers were still hot we actually cooked some crumpets on it, we put them onto the mesh, after a couple of minutes each side it was ready, they were rather yummy I must say!

As we had the chimenea before and it was higher of the ground, we didn't take the time to think of what it would do to the ground beneath it! The fire pit is so close to the ground that this morning as we moved it we saw that the grass had been completely burned, the patch of ground is ruined and we have already had to plant seeds to make the grass grow, let's just hope it doesn't take too long. Next time we use it we'll either need to raise it off the ground a bit or use it on the patio (Hoping that it doesn't burn that too).

Apart from that set back due to ourselves not thinking, it is a brilliant product and we are looking forward to using it with friends and family as the summer nights continue.


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