Thursday, May 24, 2012

Homemade Bath Bombs

Today I have been experimenting with making my own bath bombs, after finding recipes on the net I decided to gather the ingredients and try to make them myself.

The things you need to make the bath bombs are:
- 2 Parts Bicarbonate of soda
- 1 Part Cream of Tartar
- Fragrance oil of personal choice
- Witch hazel
- Food Colouring
- Moulds ( I used silicone cases which you buy for cupcakes)

First of all you need to blend the bicarbonate of soda and the cream of tartar together so they are completely blended together.

Then add a few drops of your favourite fragrance oil to the mix, blending in fully. I used lavender oil.

Then a couple of drops of the colouring, this will have a little reaction with the powder mixture, just be sure to blend it in until the powder is completely coloured. Do not add too much colouring as the colour will intensify when the witch hazel is added.

Next add the witch hazel, either through a spritz bottle or by just adding a small amount at a time and blending thoroughly. You want the mixture to be able to mould and hold it's shape but not be too wet. A bit like a sandcastle, you need enough witch hazel so that it doesn't fall down but not too much that it's soggy.

Once the mixture is ready, put it into your moulds for about 4-6 hours until it has fully set. You can then take it out of the mould.

For a first attempt I don't think it went too bad, but the proof was in the bathing. Once they were full set I decided to run myself a nice warm bath and test them. The outcome was good but I think I need to tweak with the measurements slightly to make them even better. Once they have infused with the water the smell of the fragrance which in my case was lavender was lovely. It's a nice and relaxing aroma to have whilst bathing.
I am definitely not calling myself a pro on these and they may not be perfect but I have definitely caught the bug for making them, I'm already excited about making more, testing out different shapes, colours, fragrances and maybe even with some dried flowers incorporated into the mix!


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