Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nivea Raspberry Lip Butter

Today whilst in Tesco's I found this lovely lip butter from Nivea. I intended to buy Vaseline Rosy Lips which i've bought many times before, but when I spotted this nivea lip butter I had to buy it. It costs £1.99 and comes in raspberry or caramel, i'm now wishing I had bought the caramel one too. A sweet raspberry smelling butter which nourishes and softens the lips and leaves a nice glossy shine.


  1. It looks lovely! Does it keep the lips hydrated? I have yet to find a lip balm/butter that has a lasting effect :)

  2. I would say it definitely has a longer lasting effect than Vaseline. Personally I've found that with regular daily use my lips stay moisturised and well hydrated.