Monday, September 24, 2012

Fragrance Oil Burner

I am a girl who loves nothing better than a long soak in the bath, taking the time to pamper myself and simply relax. Whilst the bath is running and once I've put my candles on I like to use my oil burner. You can find oil burners in a variety of shops, from Sainsbury's to The Body Shop, anywhere that sells candles usually sells oil burners along with the oils. To use them you simply fill the little well at the top of the burner with water, fill it just over half way. To the water add a few drops of whatever fragrance oil you fancy.

With the variety of scents that are available in refresher oils you can chop and change your fragrance as often as you like without having to buy lots of different scented candles.
Oil burners are much more versatile than candles as you can not only control the scent but you can control how strong or weak you would like the scent to be, simply by controlling how many drops you put in. I like to add quite a few drops as I like the whole room to be infused with the lovely scent, but if you only want a slight hint of scent then a couple of drops will be plenty.

Once you have decided on an oil and put the drops into the water, simply light a tea light and place on the bottom under the well. You don't need to buy expensive tea lights which are scented as you will get the scent from the oil, I use the cheap ones which do the job just as well and they only cost around £2 for a large bag of them.

Within a few minutes once the water has started to warm up the room will start to smell lovely, it lets of a fragrant aroma that is relaxing and calming. I also have one in the bedroom and living room so that the whole house can smell gorgeous. I'd recommend them as a great alternative or addition a long side candles.

P.S, if you can get some fragrance oils which are sold around Christmas time then buy and try them, you can get many different ones, the winter spiced and cranberry ones are simply heavenly!

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  1. I like it too because it adds fragrance to my room. Thanks for the share.

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