Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Alcohol Free Wines

Alcohol doesn't really bother me that much but I would usually have a drink at a social occasion. At the moment i'm not allowed to drink because of some of the tablets i'm on. Whether we had people round, sitting in the garden on a sunny day or just in front of the tele I wanted a drink that was a little tastier and more interesting than a coke or juice, they've become pretty boring.
So I went on the search for a new drink and at the supermarket I came across alcohol free wines which I had never even really heard about before. There isn't a very wide selection of them available and some smaller shops do not stock them. Whilst picking up my alcohol free wines I noticed that there are quite a few lower alcohol wines, I think these are a fantastic idea for someone who still wants to enjoy a glass of wine but just with a lower percentage of alcohol.

So far i've tried 4 different ones, two from Fre, one from Eisberg and the other from Sainsbury's. The strange thing is that i've never like red wine but I've really grown to love the flavour of the alcohol free red wines.

The white zinfandel from Fre was my least favourite of the ones i've tried. I can see why some people would like it but for me it was just a little too sweet and a bit too fruity.

All three of the red wines are really yummy, on a few occasions i've been using them to make my style of sangria. In a large jug with ice I add about half a bottle of the wine, chop some fruit into bitesize pieces and add them (I like to use apples, oranges and lemons), top with lemonade and give it a quick stir. This drink is so refreshing and fruity.

Whether you are a alcohol drinker or not, or simply looking for a new drink to try I would recommend giving an alcohol free wine a go, they a great value for money at around £3 for a bottle. Once you find one you like you'll be having a tasty drink without the worry of a dreaded hangover!


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