Monday, October 01, 2012

Sky Backstage at The O2

Yesterday I went to see Michael McIntyre at the O2 in London. I booked the tickets a year and a half ago so the day was a long time coming! However just as I thought, it was well worth the wait. I've got a lot of stress and worries at the moment so it was just nice to have a carefree evening, having a laugh. The show was fantastic, non-stop laughs throughout. I actually laughed so much that this morning my jaw was aching and throat was sore! I couldn't take any pictures or videos of the show, but the DVD is released on the 12th of November and i'll be sure to buy that. 

We decided to make our way there early as we was driving and didn't want to catch the traffic, plus this would give us time to have a drink and bite to eat. Before when I've been to the O2 I've always ate in Pizza Express and I love Pizza Express but this time we fancied something different. So after we decided on where to go from the wide range of eateries, we ended up in Armadillo cafe & grill. As we got there a bit earlier we didn't have to queue for a table and was seated in a nice little booth. The service was good and the food was lovely, I had nachos and then a chicken burger which was yummy!
Just before 6pm we left the restaurant and made our way back to the Sky section which is near entrance B.  It's called Sky Backstage and if you are a Sky customer and have arena tickets for that day then you can book tickets to have a VIP experience for free. I booked mine quite a few months before the event and this was quick and easy to do. If you search for Sky Rewards in a search engine then you'll find the website to get the tickets. You can get tickets for yourself and up to 3 guests. We took our pass to the entrance and were welcomed by two bubbly and friendly girls, they radioed some man and within a couple of minutes he had put on our wristbands and was escorting us upstairs.

I was amazed when we walked in as I thought it would have just been a crammed little bar full with people, however this was not the case. We were first shown to the 'paparazzi' section where a photographer was standing ready to take a photo of us, we was given a card with a code on so we could download the picture off the sky rewards website.

We was then told that if we would like to queue then we could have our make up done or head,neck and shoulder massage. My sister and friend decided to wait for the massage, they waited about 30 minutes but then received a lovely massage. Meanwhile my dad and I went through to the bar area. There are 2 bar areas, a really big one and then a slightly smaller one. There is a 3D experience room and also a pool table which looked pretty good. The rooms are lit with colour changing lighting and filled with sofas, chairs and bar stools but it is so spacious. I expected it to become pretty loud with the amount of people talking, but there was a peaceful sense about the room even with music playing. You could have a decent conversation with some nice drinks and even a bite to eat if you would like. The prices weren't too extortionate, it stated on the menu that the prices are either better than or the same as other places within the O2, of course they wasn't dirt cheap but you would be silly to think that they would be at a venue like the O2.

So a few drinks later and after a chilled out couple of hours we left Sky Backstage and went on to have a giggle at Michael Mcintyre. We had a brilliant night, definitely the best experience i've ever had at the O2. If i'm ever going back there for an event in the future then I hope I can get tickets for the Sky Backstage, it was a great pre-show experience with the VIP treatment just for being a Sky customer! So I must say a big thank you to Sky and everyone who works within the Sky Backstage area at the O2.


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