Saturday, May 19, 2012

Scratch Card Crazy!

So this afternoon I was just relaxing watching some television and suddenly had an extreme urge to have a little bet or do the lottery or something like that.

 I don't do the lottery on a regular basis just when I feel like it, and when I do I only do a lucky dip. I think that if you were to do the same numbers every time you have to make sure you do those numbers every week forever! Could you imagine if you forgot to put it on one week and your regular numbers came up, you would be distraught!

So today I decided to do some scratch cards, I brought 15 scratch cards for £15 hoping that my luck was in. Unfortunately it was only slightly in, I only won £11 over the whole 15 cards!! However I suppose it's better to have won something back than nothing at all!

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