Monday, May 07, 2012


After 19 long years of a horrible habit of biting my nails I have finally stopped! A few months back I stopped, with the help of a few products which have become an absolute necessity for me to grow and maintain healthy looking nails!. 
The first product I used was Stop and Grow, I thought I would need to use this product for a long time before it managed to stop me from nibbling away, however after a couple of uses the rather vile tasting stuff it worked it's magic and I stopped.

I then moved on to several Sally Hansen nail varnishes to keep my newly long-ish and unnibbled nails strong. I use all three at the same time,whether you are supposed to i'm not sure but it is working for me so i'm sticking to it!

First of all I apply Maximum Growth, then I add a coat of Hard As Nails with Nylon and then finally a coat of Hard As Wraps.

All in all with out these three lovely products my nails would still be boring little stubbs which you could barely even call "nails".
Well that is my first actual blog and i'm already excited to write my next!
Until then, ta-ta for now.

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