Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ben & Jerry's

 My favourite Ben & Jerry's ice cream has always been 'Cookie Dough' but recently I have tried a couple of their new flavours.

First of all I tried 'Oh My Apple Pie'. At first it tasted lovely, but after quite a few spoonfuls it became really sickly. So I wasn't converted to this new one over my beloved Cookie Dough. On a positive note it was probably good that it became sickly after a while otherwise I may have finished the tub like I have many times before with the Cookie Dough.

The flavour I have tried this evening is the new 'Core Berry White'. It has vanilla ice cream on one side, raspberry on the other, white chocolate chunks and raspberry pieces and a soft chocolate truffle core. I'm not usually a fan of chocolate in desserts or ice creams but with this you only get a small about of chocolate and plenty of raspberry and vanilla ice creams. It's perfect for a chocolate fix without having too much. If there was anymore chocolate in the centre it could have been too sickly but Ben & Jerry seem to have got it just right with this one!

Even though they are all heavily calorific, I can't help but like them. There is nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa with a good movie and some yummy ice cream! Not something for every week but everybody needs a treat every now and then!


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