Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sacred Heart Diet

Evening all,

I thought I'd tell you today about a diet I tried a couple of weeks ago.

It's called the 'Sacred Heart Diet'. It is supposedly a diet which was originally designed for heart patients who needed to lose weight quickly for surgery. How true that statement is i'm not too sure as there are a lot of different comments about this diet over the net. It has been named on some sites as a "Fad" diet which I suppose it is but nevertheless I thought I should try it for myself before I comment on it.

The diet is based around a "fat burning soup" in which the more of it you eat the more you can lose. It is stated that you could lose 10-17 pounds in just one week, however if you are inactive during this diet you will not lose as much.

Here is the diet plan for the seven days which should be followed strictly to achieve the best results.

Day 1 – Fruit Day

Eat only soup and fruit.
Any fruit except bananas.

(Cantaloupe and watermelon are lower in calories than most fruits.)

Day 2 – Vegetable Day

All vegetables. Eat as much as you like of fresh/raw/canned vegetables along with the soup. (Stay away from dry beans, peas and corn.)

At dinner time reward yourself with a jacket potato and butter.

Do NOT eat any fruit.

Day 3 – Fruit and Vegetable Day
Eat all of the soup, fruit and vegetables you want today. (Do not have a jacket potato today.)

If you haven’t cheated over the last 3 days you should have lost between 5-7 pounds.
            Day 4 – Bananas and Skimmed Milk Day

Eat at least 3 bananas and drink as much skimmed milk as you can today as well as the soup.

Day 5 – Beef and Tomatoes Day
You may have 10-20 ounces of beef today or chicken (without skin) if you prefer. Eat as many as 6 tomatoes.
Eat soup at least once today.

10oz = 283 Grams

20oz = 566 Grams

Day 6 – Beef and Vegetables Day

You can eat as much beef and vegetables as you like today. You may even have 2-3 steaks (grilled) with leafy vegetables if you like. No potatoes allowed.
Eat the soup at least once today.

Day 7 – Brown rice and Vegetables Day

Today you can eat Brown rice, vegetables and fruit juice.
Also eat as much of the soup as you can.

Here is the recipe for the soup which is to eaten everyday, the more you have of it the better.

·       3 x tomatoes

·       2 x Large cans of chopped tomatoes

·       1 – 2 x Large cans of Beef Consommé

·       2 Cups of water

·       1 x Tablespoon of Bouillon vegetable powder

·       2 x Chicken OXO cubes

·       1 x Beef OXO cube

·       1 bunch of spring onions

·       1 bunch of celery

·       2 x Cans of French beans

·       2 x Peppers

·       1 x Kilo of carrots

Add more water if you want it thinner.

If you lose more than 15 pounds in the week and wish to do the diet again, have two days break from the diet but still eating healthily and then start from day 1 again.

After being on this diet for several days if your bowel movements have changed then eat a cup of bran or fibre.

Alcohol, bread, soft drinks of any kind, oil and fried foods are not allowed on this diet.

The drinks you are allowed on this diet are:
Tea/Coffee (No sugar and skimmed milk)
Cranberry juice
Unsweetened fruit juice
Skimmed milk

On completion of the diet after a very long seven days I had lost 7.5 pounds, that's just over half a stone so I was very pleased with that. I didn't cheat on the diet but I didn't do any exercise at all over the week, so if I had done exercise of any kind I would have probably lost even more. But 7.5 pounds over a week is a lot of weight to lose.

The soup itself wasn't actually too bad! It has a sort of a beefy/tomatoey flavour to it which I really liked. The only problem was that after a couple of days of the same flavour soup it becomes very boring and much less appealing than it was on the first day.

All in all I probably would do it again some time but not straight away, I think it was a fantastic kick start to helping me start to lose weight (and boy do I need it!) For now I am just trying to eat healthier and do a little more exercise. Hopefully I will still manage to lose some weight even if it was at just at 1-2 pounds a week. If not I will have to make myself return to this diet to lose some more weight.

So if you are going to give this diet a go then I hope it has good results like it did for me, it's not a healthy diet to be on long term but for a kick start into losing weight I would definitely recommend it.

Good Luck!

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