Saturday, May 12, 2012

TRESemmé... c'est fantastique!

Evening all!

Up until a few years back my favourite shampoo and conditioner was Herbal Essences,purely because of the amazing smell of it. TRESemmé often used to make an appearance, when it was on offer or when Herbal Essences wasn't available. But then a few years back when herbal essences changed their bottle designs, and I think they changed something in the ingredients as I can no longer use them because it makes my scalp sore and itchy! Especially the red bottled one, which annoyingly happened to be my favourite.

This week i've been trying these new products of the TRESemmé range. I'm not too sure how long it's been out but i've only just discovered it. Its called Breakage Defence and it is fantastic, even whilst washing my hair it made my hair feel instantly silky and smooth. Its made of a formula that includes Vitamin B12 and Keratin which is used to revitalise and strengthen weak hair.

I thought it may take a while until my hair started to feel stronger and looked healthier, however after just one use of these two products together I was told by two people in one day that my hair looked really healthy with a lovely shine to it.  

So I would highly recommend the use of TRESemmé Breakage Defence daily as well as Soap & Glory's Hair Supply once a week. With these two wonder products used together as part of your hair care regime, you cannot go far wrong I promise you that!


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