Tuesday, July 10, 2012


This week I watched 3 new movies on Sky Movies,

Friends With Benefits
I really enjoyed this film, it was a little predictable but quite a few films are these days. Mila Kunis starts a no strings attached relationship with Justin Timberlake who is still gorgeous and isn't actually too bad of an actor. The only thing that annoyed me was Mila Kunis' voice, I always watch Family Guy so it was weird to hear 'Meg' in this film. About the last 30 minutes of the movie contains the best scenes (my personal opinion) but all in all a good movie, well worth watching.

Cupid, Inc
I had strong doubts about this movie, mainly because I had never even heard of it before. Surely a movie you've never even heard about isn't going to be that good? Well I was right, it wasn't a great film. It focuses on a chat show host who is told if she could help one couple to find love that her love will be revealed. It had an actor who played "cupid", one who could fade in and out whenever he likes. The storyline was quite sweet and had some nice moments but it doesn't remotely compete with some of the better rom-coms out there, I'm not even sure you could call it a rom-com...more of a romance for kids? If thats even possible!

Green Lantern
This film definitely isn't one of Ryan Reynolds best movies. I doesn't quite compete with the other superhero movies which are about such as Spiderman and Batman yet there is something about it that makes you want to keep watching. It may be that i'm a little biased because I find Ryan Reynolds absolutley gorgeous. He plays his part well but I think if there ever was a sequel to this it would be a definite flop. When you turn it on you expect it to be this ultimate superhero movie which leaves you wanting to see the next one and if like me even makes you hope that you could be rescued by the strong,hunky superhero, but I can only dream. This film however has ended up a sci-fi movie, flitting in and out of space which personally I don't like very much.


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