Friday, July 06, 2012

Green and Black's

This week I thought I deserved a little treat so I bought two flavours of Green & Black's which I've never tried before. I'm not over keen on dark chocolate but Green & Black's do quite a wide range of milk chocolate flavours as well as white chocolate which suits me perfectly. In the past I've tried the normal milk, the creamy milk and the white chocolate. The proof is in the eating and you can tell that every single bar is of such a good quality.This week I decided to try the caramel and crispy milk. The crispy milk was nice, nothing I could really say is bad about it but it didn't become my favourite from the range. The caramel was lovely, but only managed to get a couple of squares of this as everyone wanted a piece of the yummyness! The caramel is definitely a contender for the top spot, but so far personally I think the creamy milk is my favourite. Next time I need a chocolate fix i'll have to try a different flavour!

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