Thursday, June 21, 2012

Top Summer Scents

Today I thought I would tell you about my 3 top summer scents! Which in fact I love so much, I use them all year round!

Soap and Glory
This one is my most recent fragrance purchase, and what a brilliant purchase it was!
It contains one of my favourite scents, the scent that has made me somewhat addicted to the Soap & Glory range. It's just amazing, and at only £16.50 from Boots it's an absolute bargain.

Chloé, eau de parfum
This has to be one of my favourite fragrances ever, I wear it all year round but I would say it is more of a summery scent. With the main aroma being roses, it makes for a lovely feminine and floral scent. Bottle is starting to run out, will need to make sure I replace it soon, couldn't live without this lovely scent for too long!
£38.50 - £66.50

Lacoste - Touch of Pink, Eau de Toilette
This a a perfume which i've used for years, since my early teens and still love it to this day. As you can see from the bottle just like the Chloé it's running on empty and needs to be replenished very soon!


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