Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Diamond Jubilee Concert

The Jubilee concert which aired live on Monday on BBC1 was my favourite event of the weekend.
I had my doubts before it started, wasn't too sure about some of the acts but all in all it was an amazing concert. Anyone who was lucky enough to be there should feel very priviliged. It's a piece of history and definitely something to tell the grandchildren about! To have that many acts performing and at a royal event is pretty special, I suppose we should all thank Gary Barlow. Is it just me thinking that he's only doing it to become a "Sir"?.

The Queen arrived in a lovely outfit once again, and she seemed to enjoy herself even though unfortunately the Duke of Edinburgh was still in hospital. It's good news to hear that he's finally on the mend.

Most of the acts were pretty good, from the likes of Ed Sheeran to Paul McCartney. However my least favourite was Cliff Richard and, is fine on the background of a song, producing or writing a good song but he is a terrible singer, Gary Barlow made a bad decision there. He's just lucky he had Jessie J to save the song for him.

My ultimate favourite performer of the night was Stevie Wonder, boy can he perform. For me he was in a complete other class to all of the other acts. Age seems to have effected a few of the acts, Cliff Richard, Elton John and Paul McCartney were all not quite what they used to be. With Stevie Wonder he doesn't seem to have an aged performance what so ever, an absolutley brilliant singer.


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