Friday, June 22, 2012

Supermarket Clothing...

Over the last few years clothing in supermarkets to me has become so much more popular, and has firmly put it's footsteps into the world of fashion. Some of their clothing isn't always to my taste but then it's like that everywhere for everyone I would think. I'm always buying clothing from supermarkets, whether it's a top, shoes, PJ's or even a pair of jeans. All of the clothing is reaonably priced too. It always seems to be the way, if i'm wearing a more expensive top it's never commented on, yet if i'm wearing a top from a supermarket i'll get asked where my top is from. Shows you don't have to spend loads of money on clothes to look good! Here are a few of my latest purchases...

Both of the tops are from George at Asda,

Tribal Print Vest £8

Animal Print Cami Top £12

The shrug is from F&F True at Tesco, perfect to wear with those summery tops.

Black Shrug £10


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