Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Yog's Frozen Yogurt

So today is the first day of August, summer is here, the Olympics have started, and the sun is shining (some of the time). Last week I tried some amazing strawberry frozen yogurt from M&S, having ran out of that and M&S still not having it in stock I decided to try a different one.

There isn't a really wide selection like there is of ice creams but I think we will start to see more and more as they become even more popular. Even though there isn't a wide range, some of the flavours available are unique and more exciting than the ice cream flavours available. For instance, when I saw that Yog have a passion fruit frozen yogurt I simply had to get it. I absolutely love passion fruit, I usually blend mine into smoothies or mix into a fruit salad to give it a yummier and more tropical flavour.

I bought the Yog passion fruit. First taste, heaven. It is absolutely gorgeous, it's so refreshing, fruity and makes you want to be lying on a beach on a tropical island! It has a very subtle flavour which isn't over powering or sickly. The best thing about it, other than tasting amazing, it's fat free with nowhere near as many calories as ice cream. It's a guilt free pud that is perfect on it's own or with some fruit. I think I'll have to try the chocolate and pomegranate ones next!
Try it for yourself...grab a spoon and enjoy!

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