Friday, August 17, 2012


I haven't done a post about films in the past few weeks as i've been so preoccupied with the Olympics that I haven't had the time to watch many movies! My Sky+ box has been so busy recording things over the past few weeks, it's taken me a week to catch up! Here's what I thought about a couple of movies which I have watched...

Money Train
This is quite an old movie now from back in 1995 but somehow i've only just heard of it. It was on Sky, I love it when they show you movies which you didn't even know existed! It stars Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson who are cops in NYC and are planning to rob from a cash transporting locomotive AKA the 'Money Train'.  I thought it was a really good film, it made me laugh, a film i'd definitely be happy to watch again.

Mr Poppers Penguins
Just the title of this movie made me immediately think it was going to be a rubbish film, even thinking this I decided to give it a go. I assumed it was going to be Jim Carrey (who I think is well past his peak in the world of movies) simply trying to grasp onto some sort of career. This film definietly isn't a classic like Carrey's Mrs Doubtfire or Liar Liar, but I surprisingly really enjoyed this film. It features Mr Popper (Jim Carrey) who plays a business man who's life is turned around when he inherits six penguins. His posh apartment looks incredible when it's turned into a snowy wonderland! A great family film which is well worth watching.

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