Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My First Graze Box

Last week mum was given a voucher in WH Smiths for a free graze box, so she gave it to me. I had always heard good things about the graze boxes but had never took the time to find out how it really works. After looking on their website, I was amazed to find how many different nibbles they had to offer.

The great thing about graze is that you can have it delivered to any address in the UK which can receive post. When you sign up they put every item in the range marked as 'try', on each item you can set your own preferences from 4 different options. These options are 'try', 'like', 'love' and 'bin'. When you send something to the 'bin' this means you will never receive this product, I think this is brilliant as you are able to tell them what you don't like, so you'll never receive a box with something you wouldn't like to try.There is also an option for 'send soon' which is available on some products and they will try to include this in your next box.

They also offer gift vouchers in a range of different values from 3 to 50 boxes. This is a unique gift, a really great idea for someone who has everything, for someone who is hard to buy for and for anyone who likes yummy snacks.

What I think is great about Graze is that it not only is freshly prepared tasty nibbles but each box is tailored to suit each and every person with a little guidance from the person to help them pick the perfect options for the individual.

So after going through most of the products and rating them I couldn't wait for Wednesday to come. The day before my box was due I received an email telling me that my box was in the post, they also let me see what I'll be receiving in my box which was good. Morning arrived and my first graze box came through the postbox. Within the box it contained 4 individual snacks, a welcome leaflet and a personalised print out, showing me the best before dates and nutritional values of my snacks as well as some codes to pass out to friends so that they can claim a free first box.

My first four items were,

Summer Berry Flapjack
I have never been very keen on flapjacks but this one was really nice. Some really fruity cranberries are mixed into a buttery oaty mixture. Lovely with a cup of tea!
Cheddar Gorge
This was my favourite from this weeks box, I'm a lover of savoury things and cheese so this was perfect!
Billionaire's shortcake
This one was perfect for when you are craving something sweet, it contains milk chocolate, cranberries, fudge and almonds.
Smoky Gazpacho Dip
This was a nice savoury treat, and was something I had never came across before. A smoky, tomatoey dip with some wholemeal crisp bread slices. Yummy!

I was really pleased with my first box and I made sure to rate them again to let Graze know what I thought of them. I'm really looking forward to seeing whats inside my next box!  I'd recommend the Graze box to anyone. It's perfect for mid-morning or in the afternoon when you need a quick fix and something to snack on.

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