Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Olympics Round Up

So in the end we finished up with 65 medals in total, 19 bronze, 17 silver and 29 gold medals. What a fantastic Olympics it has been. It seems to have inspired so many people to take up sport. There are so many more people of the streets cycling, jogging and running.  However it does make me giggle when I see cyclists on their brand new shiny bikes, pedalling down the street thinking they are Sir Chris Hoy.
The London games were officially closed on Sunday at the closing ceremony at the Olympic stadium. The spectacular show included performances from The Who, Pet Shop Boys, One Direction, Madness, Muse, Jessie J and many more. Take That also performed their hit 'Rule the world'.  As they say "The show must go on" but I have a lot of respect and admiration to Gary Barlow for going ahead with the performance despite his recent personal tragedy when his daughter poppy was sadly stillborn. My favourite performance of the night was from the Monty Python star Eric Idle who sang his song 'Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life' .

The night made me want to get up and dance in front of the television, A great celebration and a brilliant way to say goodbye to the Olympics for another 4 years. I never thought I would say this but I'm really missing them already, It was great to always have something good to watch throughout the day and to watch the amazing athletes compete in their sports. Bring on August 29th when the Paralympic Games begin!



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